Telescopic Antenna- TA-1


  • AM/FM Radio Reception
  • Rod Assembly length: collapsed 235 mm - extended 985 mm
  • 5-Section Stainless Steel Antenna (304 Grade)
  • Very High Gain and Receiving sensitivity


  • This indoor antenna can capture with VHF, UHF and FM signals. 
  • This antenna can be mounted to the back cover of your TV. 
  • This antenna needs to be installed in a place where you get better signal, to determine that you need to plug the antenna to the tv a slightly move it side to side until you get a clear signal, you will need to retune your tv properly receive clear. You can hang it up or place upright to receive FM and VHF UHF signals. 
  • This is an antenna for SD, LED, LCD, HD TVs.