Our story begins in 1965, from the mind of our founder Mr. Lakshman Aswani who was committed to transforming the business through innovative solutions.

Established in 1975, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence in RF solutions for Car Infotainment. Our dedicated team combines creativity with technical expertise to deliver tailored solutions that produces clear sounds in AM/FM Radio Stations. With a customer-centric approach, ER Antennas is at the forefront of digital transformation, providing cutting-edge services in Auto Antennas & RF Solutions. Discover our values and our achievements. All our innovations come from the Genius minds in our Plant situated at New Delhi (India). Here is where all new products & projects are engineered and coordinated.

Business Ethics

ER Antennas was born together with the family formed by Mr. M.B. Aswani. His son Mr. Lakshman Aswani joined him during the end of the 50’s & they both decided to invest their energy and capital to found the company that would become the industrial group of today. After decades of growth & facing the challenges of the globalized market, the values that inspire today’s operations are the very same upon which that young family relied when they started their enterprise.

“Greatness lies in Love, Honesty & Hard work” are the 3 main ideologies of the ER Antennas Group. These values are carried on to their new generations along with new minds & innovations that makes the group at par with the world standards and technology. The chairman of ER Antennas installed this factor in the minds of all his staff, ER Group & vendors …. “Chase quality & quantity will chase you”.

The 5 "E" of ER

Excellence in communications through our products.

Expanding of culture inside and outside our company.

Continuous Enhancement of our core competencies.

Development of E-connectivity technologies for all applications.

Special attention to the need of the Environment where we belong and local authorities.



We started our journey from exports of TELESCOPIC ANTENNA. Mr. Lakshman Aswani started his venture in Delhi during 1975 with a small manufacturing unit. At the beginning he produced and sold Telescopic Antennas for Home Audios / Radio sets.

ER shifted its manufacturing base to the newly opened modern Industrial area in New Delhi …… The Okhla Industrial Area in the heart of South Delhi.




Maruti Suzuki started its production of passenger cars near Delhi & ER Antennas invested in sophisticated machinery & technology to produce world class Car Antennas for these cars. A new dimension was created & more than 20 models of different Car Antennas were being produced inside the ER Plant for such cars.


TAPE RECORDER WITH AUDIO As the technology rapidly evolves, so do the needs of the customers. Mobile communications is a must, and car telephones appear on new cars. At the beginning of the ‘90s ER Antennas introduces to the market the new dual function antenna, allowing the reception of telephone and radio signal..


With the entrance of HM Ambassador Cars & Fiat Cars in India, ER Antennas introduced heavy-duty Car Radio Antennas for these Cars & the group Emsons Radio Corporation started gaining immense popularity due to their innovative products with high quality.




ER also started exporting their products to USA, Germany, South America & other countries and their quality was highly appreciated by their customers worldwide. ER Antennas also started manufacturing 3G/4G/GSM/GPRS Antennas & supplied the same to the Smart Meters / Modems manufacturers.



ER Antennas strives to achieve a low-polluting, sustainable society .. “Keep our Earth Green & Clean”


ISO 9001:2015

Award for outstanding Export in electronics

ISO 9001:2015

IATF 16949:2016
Quality Management System Certificate

IATF 16949:2016

Quality Management Award

ISO 14001:2015

Certificate of Green Partner