• 17” Power Wire- Red.
  • 3” Ground Wire- Black.
  • 17” Remote Turn- On Wire- Blue.
  • 17” Speaker Wire – Copper / Red
  • 17” RCA Cable
  • Fuse holder + 60 Amp Fuse
  • Push- In Grommet
  • 6” Split Loom
  • 1 X Gold AGU Fuse Holder
  • 1 X Gold AGU Fuse 60A
  • 2 X Gold Ring Terminal 8GA 
  • 4 X Gold Spade Terminal 8GA 
  • 1 X Snap Bushing
  • 10 X Cable Ties 3 X 150 Black




  • HYBRID OFC POWER CABLE: This is a True 4 Gauge Oxygen-Free Copper and Copper-Clad Aluminum Hybrid Power Cable. Our kit features a blend of heavy-duty oxygen-free copper and copper-clad aluminum in a hybrid power cable designed for excellent conductivity, durability, and value.
  • IN-LINE FUSE HOLDER: The AGU fuse holders are molded and pre-installed in-line with weatherproof covers for convenient installation and superior protection. It is designed for excellent conductivity, durability, and value.
  • DOUBLE STRENGTH GROUND TERMINAL: The Double Strength Ground Terminal is a unique pre-terminated ground terminal design that dramatically simplifies installation and improves performance.
  • TWISTED PAIR AUDIO CABLES: The twisted pair RCA cables reject noise to provide better sound performance through your amplifiers. Our kit is constructed with heavy-duty oxygen free copper and copper clad aluminum for excellent conductivity durability and value.