ER Antennas Manufacturing Unit / Plant is the heart, the engine and the technology provider for ER Antennas Group. It is the place where the competitiveness and the market leadership is generated, and innovative and superior solutions are created.

Founded in 1975, ER Antennas has a highly qualified staff of approximately 50 persons (PhDs, Engineers and Technicians) dedicated to Research and Development for all Business Divisions of the Group, from design to manufacturing..

Integrated within the headquarters of Okhla Industrial Area, ER Antennas works synergistically with all Divisions of the Group, managing the development of new projects and new technologies, collaborating with German Technology & Support.


The main competences offered by EMSONS RADIO CORPORATION are:

Management of the research and development projects
System integration of different electronic products and parts with advanced technologies
Electromagnetic design of highly integrated antenna systems
Electronic design of analog and digital radio frequency communication systems
Mechanical design of components, parts and tools, also with the use of innovative materials
Process design specialized in the manufacturing of equipment, machinery and automated and innovative production systems
Validation and testing, carried out within its advanced laboratories for products, system proving and certifications
ER is equipped with the most advanced instruments for design and analysis of electronic, electromagnetic, mechanical, process and management design.

Research Projects

The tough competition in the automotive sector has been the first driver of technological projects managed at EMSONS RADIO CORPORATION, due to our extended relationships with the major international manufacturers of vehicles.

The fast technological evolution and demand for connectivity and remote services drives us to operate in synergy with other leading international research and innovation centres.